Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally a successfull fasting day. It seems like lately the universe doesnt want me to be thin.

So it actually wasnt a bad day... i got on the scale this morning ang guess what?

same a yesterday...
i though that it would be more .. but iguess not i was very pleasantly surprised.
but i cant help but think ... if i hadnt had to break my fast would i have lost any weight?

oh well.
atleast it wasnt a step back. so i guess i'll take it.

im going to hook up my trainer ( stationary bike) tomorrow and it was a computer to show me calories burned (yey!)

Sorry this post is kind fo short.

its late and i am tired from working all day again =P

Listening to: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon


  1. Yay! I love it when i can finally get a good fast in after a while of difficulties. It helps me to get right back on track. Stay strong!

  2. The tips on the side of your blog are really, really helpful! Thanks for sharing them! :)