Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8-26-09 My stress-filled day

Weight this morning: 126.2 (UGHHHH!!!)


Half of a chocolate chip cookie ( I know I shouldn't have but my neighbors little girls were going around the neighborhood door to door selling them and they were still warm! [ =P ])

2 scrambled eggs with onion and ketchup.

This morning I woke up with the intentions of taking my day off and relaxing and making this day all about me as a rarely get to do this with my busy schedual.


I am woken up by excruciating PMS cramps.
Then I get a call from my mother that I need to clean out my room, we are apparently having a yard sale next week. (great)
I ask her to see if my gyno can get me in any sooner ( I had an appt. next weekend)
By this time it is about 1 o'clock.
I had to help my younger sister with algebra homework and such and clean all the shit out of my room.
She tells me i need to leave in about 20 minutes to meet her at her work so we can go to my gyno appt together.
Now mind you that I am 17.. I have had maybe one gyno appt.
So 2 minutes before I need to leave my younger sister tells me that she needs a ride to her school for a pre-season field hockey concussion screening ( I know. rediculous right?)
So i go in to opposite direction I need to to drop her off. I get on the interstatre instead of the turnpike ... and of course they have to be doing construction.
So I get to my gyno appt late. like 15 minutes late. Because of all of this.
And on top of all of THAT! .. i lost my retainer.. and now have to pay $75 to get a new one... which i am ofcourse going to pay.. but still... super annoying.

At the end of the day I just wanted some comfort food.
It took everything I had not to make that turn into the local convenience store/ sandwich shop and grab a big greasy delicious slice of pizza.
so i went home and wipped up those eggs. good... but not as delicious as that pizza.

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