Thursday, August 27, 2009

8-27-09 my unsuccessful fast

current weight: 125



now here is where I failed it up and ate aroung 3 o'clock and I still can't believe I did it either.
1 cup of couscous and 3 ginger thins (a swedish cookie) all and all about 220 calories maybe.


Uhgg... I was comming home from my doctors appt. and at the end of the exit ramp the road forks. left goes to the grocerie store. right goes home.

of course I go left... I dont know what I was thinking.. it was like some magnetic force dragged me left.
and i spent $30!!! $30 on FOOD ... thats a new pair of jeans ... now in my refrigerator...
I bought some unsalted rice cakes.
1 Soy steak
1 Soy pulled "pork"
5 couscous
5 Instant mashed potatoes
4 apples
5 celery
and 2 cucumbers

I cant believe I broke.
and to top my day off a customer at work told me she wished she was as thin as i was... what is the world comming to that I am considered thin... America is a bunch of lazy fat slobs... thats why.. in a world of healthy weight Americans I would be considered average. I mean Jesus.. if everyone would stop eating fast food and junk food ... maybe they would all lose a couple dozen pounds or so.
Im just waiting for the day that they outlaw fast food...

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