Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9-9-09 Lucky

So 9-9-09 is supposed to be some sort of lucky day as far as astronomics goes or something like that.
we'll see tomorrow when i step on the scale... if today brought me luck then tomorrow should bring me smaller numbers on my scale! im hoping for the best.

Today My boyfriend and i went to see Inglorious Bastards.
Very Historically inaccurate... but it still kicked ass. it was hella helarious. If you havent seen it yet i fully reccomend going to see it. It is very gorey... atleast in my opinion... deffinatly made me lose any appetite i had.

Things are going well in school. had my first major test in chemistry H today... which im pretty sure i did well on
and i have 2 quizzes (possibly 3? not sure) tomorrow so ... fun stuff is happening in the studying deppartment.

Current Weight: 124.4 lbs.
I did cave durring lunch and eat a handful of carrots but i made sure to sit next to my friend that always eats my food. so she had some too.

Currently Listening to: My freaking noisy ass washing machine... who needs clean tennis shoes at 10:15 at night?

Keep thinking this ladies

"If not for me then you'd be dead
I picked you up and put you
back on solid ground."
-Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down

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  1. Are you kidding? Lucky day? Me and a girl i work with decided that that's why it was such a weird crappy day! Lol. Hopefully that's just cuz you got all the luck there was to be had.
    ...Gorey movies make me eat... That sounds sick, but it's true. I dunno what's wrong with me. Lol. But i still do wanna see that movie.