Sunday, September 6, 2009

9-6-09 almost 9-7-09 happy labour day

Hello all.
So im getting back on track with the blogging. I hope i havent lost too many of you.
My uti is getting better. The meds are still turning my pee red. Its actually kind of funny because the first time i peed after taking it i was like WTF!! ... i thought i was dieing of something ... turns out there is just some weirdo die in the pills they gave me haha.

aanyway enough about my bathroom trips.

Now for my fail story of the day...
i stepped on my Wii Fit... now if you dont have one of these... get one. they are friggin awesome. The have personal trainers that motivate you and work out plans and they weigh you and give you a bmi... not to mention that they are super duper fun.

i havent done a body scan on it in like a year... i have gained 11.2 pounds since the last time i did... 11.2 lbs?!?!?! wtf... i told my mom and her jaw literally dropped. I'm not kidding. her mouth opened and she was like "OMG AMBER!"

so after my antibiotics are all gone and i have finished the course i am fasting all day every day .. (whats new.. another empty promise)

i am so fat its disgusting... i had to buy a size 3 pants the other day...
and i out them on and the button litteraly flew across the room... it popped off my pants adn flew across the room...
i didnt eat for a day and a half...

ahh 124.4 ... when is this number going to get lower...
and i went to the doctor and she tells me i am 5' 8.5" not 5' 7" so i guess that brings my bmi down a little bit... but that doesnt make me skinnier... i am still 27% for weight in my age group.


  1. hi i loved your blog!!!!
    me add oks bjos

  2. Oh wow, sweetie. That's definately discouraging. Don't feel too bad though... I had to buy a size 5 pants the other day... and they give me a muffin top. I'm fasting today and tomorrow! (Yes, i'm fasting on labor day because i have no picnic to go to. Yay) Good luck. Hope you get better soon.