Monday, September 21, 2009

9-21-09 I keep disappearing on you

OKay so sorry i keep like not blogging?

things have been so hectic since school started
and i just got this attrocious flu, ive been like down for the count for like 5 days now and i almost went to the emergency room on saturday because my heart was just freaking out because of this goddamn flu.

anyway im feeling better now i even went to work and school today.

The good news??
current weight: 121.2


also my pet chicken died. she was the best pet ever. seriously no animal has ever loved me as much as that girl. She used to follow me around everywhere... and i mean everywhere.
a cayote or a large fox broke into her coop durring the night
shemust have been sound asleep and not even known what happened.
for those of you that dont know, chickens are very sound sleepers. VERY sound.

i just hope she didnt suffer.
but i've been feeling really depressed because of it.

seriously, get a chicken, you wouldnt think of it but they are very nice domestic pets if you have enough room outside for them.

i guess i was so attatched to her because she was rejected by her flock or whatever you call a group of chickens, and i had to raise her from just a weeks old.
and she had a deformity in her beek which kpt her from eating normally so i would have to make this cornmeal mash stuff every day for her so she could eat.

i know it sounds crazy
but i really did love that damn chicken.

if i ever felt like eating i would just go outside and walk around with her for a bit and the hunger pangs just went away

sorry im rambling on about a chicken? haha.


sorry for being MIA
hopefully it will be back to blogging every day now so make sure you look for my blogs!!

love you all!

currently listening to: Help, I'm Alive by Metric

On a side note. i saw that new movie with Megan Fox its called Jennifers Body.
Dont go see it unless you are desperate to lose your appetite... that movie is just bunch of sexed up blood and guts and it is VVVEERRYY VERY graphic as far as killing scenes and the blood and stuff so it is deffintaly not for the faint of heart.

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