Thursday, September 10, 2009

9-10-09 So yesterday was lucky afterall

I woke up this morning and got on the scale...
Current Weight: 122.8 (!!!)
i havent seen that numbr all summer

I guess 9-9-09 was a lucky day after all

I went over to the mirror and arched my back. could see every glorious rib and back bone.

At work it was so slow so i sat there with my back arched. writing my homework with one hand and feeling my ribs and my back bones with the other.
I havent seen them this prominent in a very long time... maybe its just cuz im loosing this weight around my mid section? idk its hard to tell thse days.

well i hope there is more weight loss to come

I am drinking about a liter and a half a day of water per day. I found a waterbottle that was a liter and a half so i just fill it in the morning and drink it all day long.

Todays total calorie intake was about 100.. maybe a little less.. i didnt finish all the food. I had a frozen strawberry popsicle thing. It didnt htast good at all... but i suppose that was the point haha.

I asked my boss for less hours.
im down to 16 hours next week now as opposed to 25 this week and 40 the week before.
Its totally stellar because now i have time for friends and stuff... i need to go tanning..... i didnt get sun all summer and i am paler than a ghost. Maybe i will go this weekend since i have the whole weekend off (YESSS!!!) im am super psyched about that. but i dont know what i will do with myself since i work so often

my only challenge about this weekend is that I dont know if i will be able to stay away from eating... i dont want to fall back into my summer pattern of just eating because there was nothing else to do.. i have to find a way to keep myself busy this weekend somehow. (any suggestions)
Hopefully ana will be by my side

Currently Listening to: My dryer again ... (what is up with people doing laundry so late at night in this house)

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  1. You skinny little thing you! I'm so freakin' jealous. I want your bones! Lol.