Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9-15-09 Where have i been?

Sorry i havent posted a blog in like the past few days .. again.
I've really been having a hard time balancing work and school and schoolwork... and sadly ana as well.

I think i am back up to 124 maybe? thats what my scale says but i am skeptical that it is entirely accurate.

I pigged out today.
I ate like a handful of frenchfriend and a few bites of ziti pasta with tomato sauce. Z

I was absolously stuffed afterwards but i know it wasnt that much food.

i still felt aweful since they were carbs and i cried for like 10 minutes after i ate it .

I have decided to start a 2 week fast.. possibly onger after the first 2 weeks is up, but we'll see how that goes.

I was inspired by these thinspo videos that i found on Fazz's blog.


also type into youtube "Suppersize vs. superskinny" its a british teevision series so if you live in the UK you probaly know of it. The show has a lot of great diet tips and is actualy also very entertaining. Also i believe it is the final episode of season 1 that features an interview with Isabelle Caro who is that woman featured in the "No Anorexia" ads for Milan Fashion Week.

anyway this has been a long enough blog. so i am going to head out because i need to catch a few winks.

currently listening to: Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


  1. I love that show!!! I watch it on youtube all the time!!!

  2. Isabelle Caro is so lovely skinny. I know she wants to recover and all, but she's still a great thinspo to me.
    I also LOVE that song and that band. :)
    Stay strong, hunny. I know you can get everything balanced again.