Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Okay so i dont know why i have been so sick lately but i have.

about 2 weeks ago i started getting massive heartburn which was odd to me because i wasnt eating anything.

So it has been getting progressively worse over the past 2 weeks and finally on wednasday night i woke up screaming in pain at like midnight because of the pain in my chest from heartburn.
I took a shit load of tums and stuff but it wasnt helping so i eventually had to eat some crackers to just like push everything back down. And the next morning i was in so much pain that i was throwing up.

I went to the doctor and they said that they dont knopw whats wrong. It's probably reflux but none of the medication they are perscribng for that has been helping. tums arent helping , pepto's not helping.

and then sunday night I has experiencing so much pressure in my chest from the heartburn that i was having trouble breathing so my dad brought me to the emergency room and they gave me some stuff to numb my throat .. and it did. but i was still having trouble breathing, which obviously hurts.

and now they are telling me that i need to eat small portions of food atleast every hour durring the day to help push everything down... and i can tell you that that just isnt happening.

I havent been able to on the ABC diet for about a week and a half to 2 weeks so the scale is telling me bad things

Current weight: roughly 122.

so thats 2 pounds up since 2 weeks ago ...

uhh okay anyway so sorry i havent posted in 2 weeks, i really havent even been able to move around.

it is a month into school and i have missed atleast 4 or 5 days already so im hoping this stomach thing will just go away so i dont miss anymore.

Currently watching : The Biggest Loser


  1. btw love that show...totally inspirational!

    and are u bulimic? Cuz i had a friend who was bulimic and she had all sorts of problems like that

  2. I hope your heartburn stops hurting you... i can't stand to hear that you're hurting... Ugh. i wish i could make it better. Stay strong, hunny.

  3. No i'm not bulimic.
    its some shitty genetic stuff. The whole side of my moms family has fucked up esophogii haha . (esophogii sounds funny)