Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10-7-09 Tests Tests and more Tests

So my mom schedualed some doctors appointments and they are going to run a shit load of tests.

I have to drink that barium stuff so that they can x-ray my intestines and then i might have to have like a camera or somehting down my throat but hopefully not.

and i really have mixed feelings about it. because i want to get better and i know they can help fix whatever it is that is fucked up in my stomach
but at the same time i am scared of what they might find.
My family has a history of lots of fucked up genetic disorders and stuff.
i dont want this to turn out to be something i will have to maintain my whole life.

I just want to get in, get out, and get on with it.

anyway. still watching the scale but im not cracking down on fasting since that just makes my pain so much worse. I am deffinatly watching my food intake though.

it helps that the high calorie and high fat foods upset my stomach so that is just more motivation not to eat them.
i've basically been living of of rice cakes and oatmeal for 2 weeks. very balnd . but it helps my stomach more than any ofthe medication they give me.

Oh and i dont know if i already mentioned this.
I got 2 gerbils.
i was feeling really down after my pet chicken, alannah was killed
so my mom let me adopt 2 gerbils.
they are 2 little boys their names are hanni (who is white) and Jack (who is all black except a stripe down his chin and neck and his 2 front paws)

hanni is a blast. he will jsut fall asleep if you pat is forehead
but jack doesnt like me very much yet. I think it is because he is so young, he is younger than hanni and more active and he just doesnt like being help.

but i am earning his trust.
Their favorite food is sunflower seeds so i feed those to them in my hand and they are so cute when they eat.

anyway.. enough about my pets haha

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